PFR-MCPRR is a joint project of Prison Fellowship Rwanda and Masahiro Minami Ph.D. (University of British Columbia); that began in April 2012. The piloting research took place in the Mbyo reconciliation village built by Prison Fellowship Rwanda, a home to 150 people who survived the 1994 Rwandan Genocide; some are victim and some are perpetrator.

As a result of this work, Masahiro has been honoured with an award from the Japanese Society of Morita Therapy. The Prestigious Junior Scholar Award was presented to Masahiro on November 29, 2013 at the JSMT's 31st Annual Conference in Tokushima, Japan. This award has been acknowledged by Faculty of Education , UBC.

Life today in Rwanda may seem ordinary, but it take place through extraordinary relationships: survivors and perpetrators of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide who decided to live together in a same village. The stories tell of horrible violence, terror, but also stories of reality, survival, hope, faith, power of relationship, action, and resilience.

Still we are left asking, Can there really be forgiveness? Why do victims accept the proximity of perpetrators? How are they living together?

If true forgiveness can be earned, both sides will find peace, and most importantly feelings of anger and vengeance will not fester, passing to the next generation only to erupt and the cycle of violence repeats - (e.g., Darfur, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, Cambodia, Aremenians, Hereros, the Holocaust).

Our goal is to bring this cycle to an end. We pursue our goal with methodical research and scientific analyses. We are here to study, to learn and to share our method with highly capable local reconciliators.

We invite you to share our stories. We invite you to join us.


His weekly visits took my solitudes away. I am enjoying seeing him, exchanging normal conversations with him. He is a good man.

Francois, Survivor, Pair 3

I was a wild beast before. But now, while I am servicing for her, I feel like I am a human again. She made me a human.

Innocent, Ex-Prisoner, Pair 3

My fear for him disappears when he shows up to work for me.

Claudine, Survivour, Pair 2

You see, my bad hands were turned into good hands helping her cultivate.

Jean-Claude, Ex-Prisoner, Pair 1

You see we used to be good friends. We used to dance together and Florentine danced for my wedding. But the Genocide happened.

Vincent, Ex-Prisoner, Pair 4

choice of reconciliation

Florentine the Survivor; and Jean Claude the PerpetratorClaudine the Survivor; and Jean Paul the PerpetratorFlorentine the Survivor and Vincent the Perpetrator