ABPRA Methodology

ABPRA is an action-based psychosocial reconciliation approach developed by Masahiro Minami (Minami, 2011) Ph.D. University of British Columbia, Canada. Development of ABPRA began from its grass-root-level field investigation in 2009.

ABPRA is founded on (1) therapeutic principles of Japanese Morita therapy, and (2) contact theory. ABPRA has been implemented over the past 2 years in the piloting village of Mbyo and has been used to process the pilot data collected from 8 reconciliation dyads, consisting of survivours and perpetrators, that participated in the ABPRA project. We are currently analysing the pilot data and expect it to be disseminated in May, 2014.

Minami, M. (Submitted for publication). Development and Field Testing of a New Morita-Based Psychosocial Reconciliation Approach in Post-Genocide Rwanda, Part 1: Preliminary Findings. Japanese Journal of Morita Therapy.

Minami, M. (2011). Development and Field Testing of Action-Based Psychosocial Reconciliation Approach in Post-Genocide Rwanda. Doctoral Dissertation Proposal, Unpublished Manuscript, University of British Columbia.

Research Techniques

PFR_MCPRR employed a series of process investigative techniques in carrying out its research as described under Research Techniques.