These are the stories of some of our research pairs.  All of our research participants agreed to choose a path to reconcile through ABPRA.

Each pair agrees to participate in our study for a fixed amount of time, and after our study had run its course, all of our pairs decided to continue using the ABPRA method to work together.

Further many people in Mbyo village, who did not participate in our study, have organized themselves into pairs (survivor and perpetrator) to taken up the ABPRA method.  The perpetrator offers  service instead of asking for forgiveness.  The survivor, who may not be able or ready to forgive, accepts this offer of service and the pair agree to work together.

You will see photographs of our pairs working together on normal every day tasks, farming, harvesting, making bricks for build or repair houses or walls.

Permission to use these photos was obtained from all individuals captured in all photos contained on our website. More over all our study participants enthusiastically encouraged us to use their images and tell their story.

Story of pair 1

Story of pair 2

Story of pair 3

Story of pair 4

Pseudonyms are used to protect individual privacy and confidentiality.