Pair 4

The fourth pair is Florentine the Survivor and Vincent the Perpetrator and Ex-Prisoner.

Ex-prisoner Vincent murdered Florentine’s adopted mother and 6 of her siblings.

Vincent offered his labour to Florentine and she made a choice to receive, and to work together with him.

Florentine’s testimonial

I was afraid to cut the tree, because you see, that one is a poisonous one. If the juice gets into your eye, you can lose sight. I felt his love for me when he was cutting it for me.

I know that he cares about me. Today he advised me to cut bushes to tidy up the road in front of our house so that villagers can walk without problem. He cares about me and my family because he gives his advices.

Vincent’s testimonial

You see we used to be a good friend. We used to dance together and Florentine danced for my wedding. But the Genocide happened. But now, we are building our relationship back.

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