Pair 1

The first pair are Florentine the Survivor; and Jean Claude the Perpetrator and Ex-Prisoner.

Ex-prisoner Jean Claude murdered 4 of Florentine’s siblings and her biological mother.

Jean Claude offered his labour to Florentine and she made a choice to receive Jean Claude’s service, and to work together with him.

Program had to terminate as Jean Claude’s health deteriorated

Florentine’s testimonial

I didn’t think he would come and work for me.

As you see, I noticed that he was getting weaker and weaker (due to his health issue), but he did not stop coming to help me cultivate. That makes me happy. He was giving his life to me (through his service).

Jean Claude’s testimonial

You see, my bad hands were turned into good hands helping her cultivate.

It washes my heart clean to work for her.

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